more of the same.

Just a short update. I still haven’t gone back to my GP to request the rheumatologist’s suggestion of Lyrica and Cymbalta. The more I think about it, the less interested I am in taking a drug for depression that could affect my brain chemistry (because I’ve had problems with SSRIs in the past, even though this isn’t an SSRI), and Lyrica is known for weight gain. Perhaps if my doctor could promise to refrain from giving me shit if I gained weight from taking it, but I’m not sure that is physically possible.

I’m still learning limits and on days when I’m not hurting, I’m usually exhausted, so I sit around frustrated at all the things I’d like to do but lack the energy to do. Frustrating isn’t even an adequate word to describe how I feel.

I’m planning on making a doctor’s appointment this week so he can document in my medical record that I quit a part time job for health reasons. I’m thinking about applying for disability, too. I’m dreading seeing the doctor again, for various reasons, not the least of which being I don’t feel like he takes me seriously.

And another fibro update: I know I’ve had more stomach problems the longer I experience fibro symptoms. I don’t know if it’s outright IBS or not, but it sure seems like it. I’m normally a healthy vegan eater, with lots of protein, good carbs, fiber and veggies. But a friend gave me some M&Ms candies two days ago and I had a small handful. Then later I had a pina colada with whipped cream on top (okay I had two of them), and I figured since I was already hurting, what could a little more damage do?

A LOT. OMG, I was MISERABLE. Stomach pain, trips to the toilet, repeat repeat repeat. It was terrible. Another lesson learned: NO DAIRY.


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