wow, a happy post!

I finally went to my GP three days ago to touch base with him. He made a note at my request that I had to leave my part-time job. We talked briefly about my frustration that I’m always in pain and always tired and I felt useless. He told my husband to “kick her butt” and then said “but don’t hit the tender points.” Har har.

He agreed with me that Cymbalta and Lyrica weren’t the best fit for me, since I was concerned about negative effects of a psychotropic drug, as well as taking a medication that is likely to cause weight (Lyrica). The doctor agreed with me and said that both drugs are likely to cause weight gain, and agreed with what I said about taking an anti-depressant. We talked about how tramadol does well for my fibro pain, but doesn’t touch my back pain.

My GP was hesitant about going down the “slippery slope” of narcotic use, and I agreed with him but asked if we could try it. I was hopeful if my back (and hips and legs) would stop hurting, that I could maybe deal with the fibro pain better. He offered me Vicodin (hydrocodone + tylenol) for a month to try. He urged me to only take as much as I needed, and to avoid taking it if possible. I don’t want to get addicted to anything or build up a tolerance to anything either, but if it worked?

Boy, did it work! I took a pill that night and my back improved tremendously. I’ve always had a problem with the “Pain Scale” (link shows 1-5, though my doctors operate on 1-10) because my pain was always so mixed and complicated, and all over. I used to say I was always at an 6 to an 8, depending on the day. But once I experienced a moment with NO pain? Holy cow, I realised I’ve been living at a 9/10 or 10/10 for the last couple years. It’s been so awful that now that it’s gone, I realise exactly how bad it was. Now I’d say I’m at a 2/10, where it hurts just a little, but it’s SO much more bearable, that it’s fine.

You’d think because I was taking narcotics, I’d be sleeping all the time, and I’m really not. I admit I feel fatigued (which is different from tired), and that makes it hard to just jump back into things, but I’m in LESS PAIN. Being in less pain gives me energy! I can walk around a store with my husband! I’ve even gotten back into the kitchen to cook, which is something I haven’t done in a few months.

Also, I asked about a muscle relaxer for the fibro, and my GP offered Flexeril. I take it at night, instead of a Vicodin, and it relaxes my knotted shoulder muscles enough to make it easier to sleep. Sometimes I put the heating pad on my shoulders, too. The last 3 nights, I’ve slept through the night (except to get up to pee once), and woken up feeling better and in less pain than usual.

Who knew this was even POSSIBLE? I can’t help but wonder if this is only a very temporary effect, but even if it is, I want to remember what it was like to have a little bit of my old body back. And I want to document it!

I haven’t found a cure, but I may have found a way to manage my pain.


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