I’m back!

It’s been a long time! Almost 4 months. A lot has happened!

The biggest thing to happen is that we’ve moved 2500 miles away to the west coast. The bay area, specifically, and we love it so much! It’s gorgeous, the weather is great, and it’s an open-minded and accepting area. We really miss our bestest friends, but we have plans for vacations together… Someday when we have money. :)

The second best thing that’s related to the move is that I’ve found a great general physician who is respectful, compassionate, kind, and extremely bright. We talked frankly about fat prejudice and she saw my fat as a symptom and not a disease. In my 30+ years, she’s the first doctor to do this and the only doctor who didn’t assume I was an over-eating couch potato. Years of medical-related stress and trauma melted away. I’m still full of nerves and anxiety when it comes to going to the doctor, but things are improving.

Health-related news:

One question my GP asked was if I’d ever been tested for Cushing’s. I hadn’t. She ran a Dexamethasone suppression test, which was negative. We talked about the symptoms of Cushing’s and how it really sounded like I had something endocrine-related, so she sent me to an endocrinologist.

My white blood cells and platelets are high, and have been for a few years. Unlike previous doctors who ignored it, my new GP wanted to know why. So she sent me to a hematologist.

I’ll post about those specialist visits soon.

But I’m back! I missed blogging but it’s been busy around here. And I’ll fill you all in, I promise. :)


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