Still Anemic

Venofer, intravenous iron.

I had my sixth iron infusion yesterday. That brings the total of intravenous iron up to 1100 mg, in the form of iron sucrose. I’ve been eating lots of leafy greens, black beans, and walnuts (along with anything else that boasts a high iron content, like molasses). And my iron levels still haven’t come up. Well, to be fair, they’ve increased a bit, but not enough to excuse me from future iron infusions. My hematologist would like me to try four more treatments, but because my veins are shot to hell right now, we’re going to take a month off. I’ll go back on December 7 for an iron re-check and a visit with the doctor, and then we’ll come up with the next phase of the plan.

In the meantime, I have a new supplement to try (Salus Floravit) that’s vegan and packed full of iron, and hopefully won’t bother my stomach, either.

On Sunday, my brothers-in-law invited my husband and me sailing. I’d never been sailing before, so this was a real treat. We went out into San Francisco bay, under the Golden Gate Bridge, and into the ocean. It was wonderful. Perfect weather, great company, and I LOVE the ocean. I can’t get over how amazing it was. I have some great pictures and great memories!

View of the Golden Gate Bridge from below in a sailboat.

Of course, no good day goes unpunished, and I spent yesterday and today recovering. Yesterday was particularly painful and exhausting, and while today has improved, I’m still not up to speed, and my stomach (fibro-related IBS) is very unhappy. But I have amazing memories so it was well worth it!

Speaking of stomachs, I also saw my general doctor recently because I’ve been having new and different back pain, and lots of nausea and stomach pain. My back was xrayed (mild scoliosis and disc narrowing, so not a real explanation for my pain), and I had a Celiac test done (no results yet). She also suggested taking Prilosec OTC for 2 weeks straight (I’d only been taking it when my GERD was flaring), probiotics, and small frequent meals. The probiotics seem to be helping a bit, although I still get nauseous every time I eat. I so rarely throw up that I can ignore the nausea. It’s probably just fibro and motility problems. (That’s my guess. My doctor is great and is smart about not dismissing everything as fibro until other explanations are ruled out.)

So it’s a low-key week for me. I certainly miss the days of being Super Productive Girl, but on the other hand, a nap on the couch sure does sound like it could cure the world’s ills….


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3 Responses to “Still Anemic”

  1. diamondie Says:

    I wonder if your problem could be the same as mine? I have trigger points in my back and some particular ones in my lower back apparently cause gastroparesis when they get active. It results in nasty pain and many people also get nausea from gastroparesis, but I haven’t got it. Of course it could be something else, but this is one possible explanation hardly any doctors would think of. Trigger points can also cause GERD and other gastrointestinal symptoms.

    • fibrofatty Says:

      That’s a good point. I do actually have gastroparesis, but this is a new and different stomach pain and nausea. I used to just have problems when I ate a large dense meal, but now it’s nearly all the time and with foods that never used to bother me. It’s possible it’s getting worse (especially since other symptoms like tender point pain are getting worse), and I just don’t want to think about it. Bleh.

      My back pain is actually directly along my spine and higher up than my stomach. It’s possible the two are related, but it feels more like aching and arthritis more than a trigger point.

      Unrelated, but lower in my back, I have palpable “tight” spots in my muscles (kind of like tendons feel in other areas of the body), but they aren’t nodules. Trigger points are typically palpable nodules, right? Not palpable tight muscles?

      • diamondie Says:

        There are several trigger points that could cause gastroparesis or stomach pain. They could also be in your abdomen or even the chest, I believe. There are even some trigger points that can cause projectile vomiting (I certainly hope I’ll never encounter those!). My worst trigger points in the back are along the spine.

        Trigger points are quite rarely palpable as nodules, at least by the laymen. I only have a few in my entire body that can be felt as such, though a massage therapist or a PT would probably find them much better. The rest just feel like tight muscles.

        Trigger points aren’t just points – they are connected to so-called taut bands in the muscle. I guess it would be possible for one to feel like a tendon.

        This is such a complicated issue, because it’s possible that, say, some areas you suspect could be trigger points aren’t, but that you have trigger points in places you haven’t noticed. Even if your back pain isn’t trigger points, the gastrointestinal pain could still be. Or vice versa. I can only really speak about my own body, and I don’t have fibro or arthritis.

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