Gosh its been months

I have thought about this blog a lot! I don’t have a good excuse for not writing. I still have fibro. I’m still fat. I still have a short fuse when it comes to tolerating stupid.

Anemia: I’m still anemic. When I went to the hematologist last, the idea was that after 6 iron treatments, I’d give my veins a rest for a month (still have phlebitis in my left hand, it’s still periodically very painful), come back for a retest, and resume treatments. However, my hematologist could not find my chart, and my instant CBC results were normal (the info that takes 24 hrs to generate is more useful in my case though), so she said I was fine and she didn’t need to see me any more. She clearly dismissed everything I’d been through, and didn’t remember anything about me (understandable without my chart), and made up numerical data regarding my previous visits. What a waste of a copayment.

I’m secretly glad not to be getting weekly iv’s however. I’ll ask my gp to run the numbers again at some point. I can’t imagine I won’t need more iron in the future.

I saw an endocrinologist about possible PCOS, and the bloodwork was negative twice, so my periods are irregular for no good (and no measurable) reason. Another wasted copayment. I’ll just hope I see menopause soon :)

I’ve had some new pains that seem more like fibro tender points and I’m betting that’s exactly what they are. Just above the outside of the ankle. The middle of the outside of the lower leg. Outside of the thighs. Forearms, biceps, fingers and hands.

I went to the doctor about my hand pain, just to document it, and when I told her this reasoning, she stopped and said many of her patients say this and she thinks it’s because they haven’t been believed in the past, and were not treated properly to boot. I almost burst into tears right then and there. It’s true: when I have to tell a doctor to write something down, it’s clearly because I’m not respected as a person. We decided my hands weren’t arthritic (no more than usual for having a few broken fingers growing up), but it was likely a new tender point (fibro friends note: this is unusual, in the hands, but not uncommon! Speak up to your docs if you notice this), and we’d image it if it changed or worsened.

My husband got me an electric throw blanket, and it might be the greatest invention ever. I highly recommend it if you have temperature regulation problems! The throws are cheaper than full sized blankets and run about $40 or so.


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