Yet another treatment: Robaxin

After going to my doctor a couple weeks ago, because I’d been in a bit of a flare and my back had been bothering me more than usual (I’ve been needing more Vicodin than usual, which isn’t much but is concerning. She focused more on my fibro pain than my back pain, which upset me at first, but I think might be okay now that I know her suggestions.

She decided to think about my situation and then call me and offer some suggestions, so 5 days after my appointment, she did call. She suggested Robaxin, a muscle relaxer that works by depressing the central nervous system. She recommended 750mg at night before bed, and hopes for a 25% decrease in fibromyalgia pain over the next two weeks.

I’ve taken it for 4 nights now, and there seems to be a need for finding the best time to take it (which can be annoying), because right now it looks like I need to take it about 3 hours before bed, to give it time to take effect and to allow me to function in the morning without waiting 3-4 hours for the groggy zombie feeling to wear off.

I will say I’ve been very productive so far (compared to before). It might be a combination of the outstanding weather we’re having, or a new medical marijuana product I’ve found, the Robaxin, or all of the above. I had a great two days off with my husband and friend, and yesterday even walked in the pool for awhile.

Clearly I overdid it yesterday, too much pool walking, and then a walk to the corner market for dinner items. I’m really exhausted and really uncomfortable, but I *do* think I’ve seen an improvement, and even when I’m sitting here in a lot of pain, I’m so thankful for all I did yesterday and over the last few days.

It’s an unusual feeling, having to “settle” for “a little improvement” over “getting my life back.” With fibro pain improving, I’m left with mostly back pain, and between the pain in my back (and even with improve fibro pain), my cloudy brain, and uncontrolled fatigue, I know I won’t be working any time soon, if ever again. It’s weird to me that I have improved symptoms, but they’re not improved enough to get “better.” It’s a weird feeling to have to lower one’s standards or expectations about reasonable treatment.

However, if this is going to be a long-term thing, I could probably get used to the Robaxin. That time in the pool yesterday was just heavenly.


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One Response to “Yet another treatment: Robaxin”

  1. Missy Schranz Says:

    Hi! I, too, am a “fibro fatty” and I just LOVED reading your blog. I would love to get to know you better, since I completely agree with you on the United Airline policy. I haven’t flown in 14 yrs because I’m afraid of the embarrassment I’d suffer to have to change seats or even worse, buy another ticket. I went to sign the petition, but it was closed. Please stop by my blog. I’d love to have you! :0)

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